cow tile

Holy Cow

Sometimes… wait scratch that… 100% OF THE TIME our lives as designers are crazy. I recently worked with a wonderful client on the craziest project in 2013. It involved a…


WEEK DEADLINE [from conceptual design to end of construction]




BREAKDOWNS [sorry to my pod-mates]





[you didn't believe me... did you?]

I learned quite a few things I thought I’d share. This is for my fellow designer friends’ sanity and our future clients expectations:

[ONE] Guys are always chill… about everything. Every project team should have one.

[EXAMPLE] me “OMG the cow we ordered is here in KC and its supposed to be in TEXAS… I can’t believe this… I quit. oh AND the cows eyes and hooves weren’t even painted white. I really quit” male co-worker “Ashli, is that your baby calf downstairs? You should probably have that shipped to Texas.”

[TWO] under promise + OVER DELIVER

For this project we OVER PROMISED and DELIVERED. This makes a satisfied client, but not an ECSTATIC client.

[THREE] rant about it when you get home

I know you’re thinking… WAIT A SECOND… shouldn’t you leave it at work. NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT. Your significant other, friend, or room mate will be the one that slaps you in the face and makes you realize what’s going on at work ISN’T THE END OF THE WORLD. I can’t tell you how many times I got home and started saying… “You would not believe what happened at work… the cork we ordered was delivered at 9:12 and I was told it would be there at 9:00!” Then you turn on the TV or read the news… You will immediately feel tiny. Like the tiniest person in the world. With the tiniest brain in the world… and with a Grinch heart… tiny.

[FOUR] The Hindus were right… cows are sacred.

Cows are not to be made into  fiberglass statues, shipped across the country… then shipped across the country again. Painted high-gloss white… then expected to joyfully greet clients in a lobby space. If you attempt to do this, you will fail. 

hindu cow statue

through all of this, I realized I am not alone in this whole cow thing 

white cow

eames calfskin


cow sign

cow tile

cow cuts

Oh, did I mention how excited I am to visit these cows next week in Cali?!

cow costume

Holy Cow, I can’t wait…


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2 thoughts on “Holy Cow

  1. Anna Jay says:

    I laughed so hard at this post! Annnnd I totally was not expecting to see that picture at the bottom! I think it’s my favorite post so far ;) ps 4 more days!!!!! Ahhhh!!! I can’t wait!!!!!

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