Treat Her Like She’s Pregnant

So I’ve been on an unintentional hiatus from blogging. One, because I’m lazy. And two, because a few months ago, I found out I’m going to be a mommy so my plate (and belly) have been a little full!

me at 23.5

Ever since I’ve become a life-sized waddling penguin carrying a bowling ball on my front side, I’ve come to a very interesting realization. Now… to my fellow feminists… hang with me here.  Continue reading

Duhamel Budget Guide_2013 1

Budgeting 101

Let’s face it, when you get married in college, YOU’RE BROKE. What no one ever told me was when you are married in the real world with a “big girl job”… you’re still broke. It’s a vicious cycle. You make more you spend more.

Before Zack and I got married, someone suggested we go see a financial adviser and it may be the greatest decision we’ve ever made for our marriage…other than the no eating in bed rule. (which I’ve broken only once, sorry Zack) Continue reading

Camp Prairie

Cost.Time.Quality. PICK 2

Someone [wise] once told me,

“In design, there are 3 things that will dictate the outcome of your project… COST, TIME + QUALITY Pick 2.”

Being a designer in the corporate realm, the priorities more times than not are COST + TIME. So how do we design a QUALITY project when the main constraints are a tight budget and quick time line? Continue reading